New Year, New Production target, New Aim's 2024 at Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co,LTD.

Wishing you success as you begin. Production on Shaanxi Luqing Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.'s Shangluo factory began on the afternoon of February 18, 2024, a new year. Time flies by, and as the new year approaches, all of Luqing's staff members are enthusiastic and upbeat, ready to embark on a fresh adventure with a fresh appearance. We take ordinary people, turn them into amazing people, take on new challenges, prepare them for ordinary jobs, produce new triumphs, and generate new glories. The company's general manager, Zhang Zhuqing, greeted everyone in the Shangluo plant conference room with a happy new year's welcome.He thanked every employee for their previous hard work and wished for further growth for Green Clear in the coming year, as well as increased prosperity for Green Clear's family. The factory's production work for 2024 has been fully deployed, defining objectives and pointing the factory's path. bolster self-assurance, quick growth, and overall development. Go with the flow, battle hard, win the war, and have the guts to climb higher in 2024. Ultimately, the factory's chief executive officers, Zhang Gong, Li Gong, Ma Gong, and others also went into detail about each individual's particular tasks one by one. To help raise spirits, the company also gave out red envelopes to everyone in attendance and expressed gratitude for everyone's punctuality. It also wished prosperity to all the Luqing family members and expressed hope that the day would continue to improve and that the company would reach new heights.


Happy the Lantern Festival. May your business is booming in 2023.

The Lantern Festival, also called Shangyuan Festival, is a Chinese traditional festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar Chinese calendar, during the full moon.


US warehouse makes it easier for clients to purchase products


Since Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd established in 2010, it has focused on the R&D and production of plant extracts and high-content monomer raw materials. The products cover the three major fields: Plant extracts, high-content monomers and synthetic intermediate raw materials, which are widely used in medicine, cosmetics, health products, food additives, nutritional supplements, spices, animal husbandry and other fields.


Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering has always advocated the spirit of craftsmanship. Based on the continuous optimization of technology and continuous accumulation of technical strength, the company has established a strict quality management system of ISO series.




The production process strictly implements the GMP standard, and strives for product excellence. Through continuous quality improvement and upgrading, our company's laboratory has recently purchased advanced analysis and testing equipment such as Shimadzu HPLC testing instruments and Agilent liquid phase columns to ensure that the quality of the whole process from basic raw materials to products is closed-loop and controllable, and guarantees to every client provide high quality products.



Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd always adheres to the business purpose of "meeting customer needs, providing high-quality products and high-quality after-sales service". Through continuous development and unremitting efforts, the company has established good business relationships with more than 40 countries, such as South Korea, the United States and Europe etc.



In order to serve foreign clients better, we have stored goods in warehouses in New York, Los Angeles, Memphis and other places in the United States since 2018. We have place the products of Luteolin, Genistein, Ferulic acid, Apigenin, Daidzein, DiindolylmethaneNeohesperidin DihydrochalconePumpkin Seed Extract 20:1Quercetin Dihydrate in US warehouse. In the year of 2023, we plan to add some new products: such as Epimedium, Extract Rhizoma Kaempferiae Angustifolias, Bailcain, Ursolic acid, Sophora Japonica Extract, Gentiopicrosideetc.


On the one hand, it shortens the waiting time for American customers to purchase products, and on the other hand, it also solves the problems of customs duties and taxes when the customers are importing and exporting goods.






We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to come to our company for inspection, cooperation and development!