The Quality Standard of Daidzein

Since the product of daidzein produced in April 2021 by Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. The quality inspection department of our company has strictly controlled the product quality to ensure that it provides customers with high-quality products. In order to standardize the quality of daidzein, our company's quality inspection department makes the following statement on the quality standards of daidzein products: The common test methods for daidzein in the market include liquid-phase no


Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, continue to move forward

In the golden autumn of September, The heady fragrance of laurel blossoms was wafted through the fresh air. A rich perfume of osmanthus blossoms was wafted to us by the breeze. In this harvest season, Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. created performance of doubling product sales over the same period last year. The company's superior products such as daidzein, luteolin, genistein, ferulic acid, gynostemma extract, etc. continue to sell well. Our teams are passionate about learning product

Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co.,Ltd located more machine equipped

In August 2020, with increasing customer orders, Shaanxi Green Bio-engineering Co., Ltd. , on the basis of the original equipment, give the production plant a new two car, four door oven, two reaction fouls and one high performance liquid chromatography.

Our company has been adhering to the principle of product quality first, delivery time second, 100% responsibility for each order, continuous improvement, complete factory equipment and management.